At the DMV Veterinary Centers, oncology consultations, diagnostic procedures and treatments are provided by Dr Hugues Lacoste, Dr Jérôme Calvalido, and Dr Cyril Parachini-Winter with the incredible technical support from Eliane Morency, Andréanne Lanthier, Chantal Gélinas et Éric Gauthier. Our oncology service is currently open year-round from Monday to Friday at the DMV-Montreal and from Tuesday to Thursday at the DMV-South.

Diagnostics et treatments

Our oncology service works in close collaboration with the other departments of the DMV Veterinary Centers. This collaboration ensures appropriate diagnostics and the best possible cares for all our patients. Not having a final cancer diagnosis does not necessarily preclude referring a patient to the oncology department, and we are consulting on both confirmed cancer cases and pets with a suspected underlying neoplasia.

Costs associated with diagnostics, staging and treatments will vary according to each patient and its particular medical condition(s). Most importantly, any decision to undertake oncology diagnostics or treatments will always be based on clear, detailed information provided by our oncologists, and tailored to the owner’s expectations. There are many ways to approach every cancer case. When a curative option is unfortunately not available, one or several palliative options will be discussed. Our patients’ quality of life will always take precedence in any of our recommendations.

Diagnostic procedures available at the DMV Veterinary Centers’ oncology services include, among others, cytology or biopsy of various tumors, lymph nodes or bone marrow, imaging modalities such as radiography, ultrasound or scanner, as well as various molecular and genetic tests. Treatment options available include chemotherapy and targeted therapies, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, alternative medicines, and palliative care.

Radiation therapy

Since 2010, the Montreal DMV Veterinary Center is fully equipped with a radiation therapy unit (Cobalt 60), and is the only veterinary facility offering radiation therapy for pets with cancer East of Guelph, Ontario and North of Boston, Massachusetts. Depending on the cancer type and location, various treatment plans, either curative or palliative, are available. This treatment modality complements the already available surgical oncology, chemotherapy, targeted therapies, immunotherapy, and alternative medicines, and allows our oncologists to offer a comprehensive and tailored treatment plan for each cancer patient.

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